20th installment from Tyrone's Basement.

Thanks to Tyrol Basin, Royal Outerwear, and Vishnu Skis

The Latest from Tyrone's Basement

Riders: Blake Lamb, Matt Miley, Alex Gould, Sam Klein, Sam Anderson, Oliver Larson, Calen Albert, Collin Switzky, Brandon Angaran, Maddy Monty, Henry Welch, Parker, Dominic Schinke, Chris Tragos, Wesley Muresan, and Zach Haigh

Checkin' in from Tyrone's Basement.

Riders: Sam Klein, Zach Haigh, Matt Miley, Anthony Fairchild, Parker, Collin Switzky, Oliver Larson, Brandon Angaran, Ben Monson, Chris Church, and Sam Anderson

We had an early start this year in the midwest (at least for park we did) and made the most of it at Tyrol Basin!

Starting the season off right in the Midwest with lots of hike sessions and grass patches. Thanks to Tyrol for always allowing us to make these happen!

Huge thanks to Josh Faber, Jared Hochmuth, and Zach Nutt for this volume in particular. The setup wouldn't have been possible without these guys! Another big thanks to all of the staff at Tyrol Basin for making yet another amazing season! Can't wait to get back at it next season! Until then, enjoy this and the other volumes to get you stoked for what's to come.

The crew wrapping up the season in Wisco with some heaters. Shout out to Tyrol and their employees for allowing us to put together a private session in the last few weeks of the season!

This is the longest and heaviest Tyrol Tuesday to date and couldn't have been possible without the help of the Vishnu team as well as a quick stop by Will Wesson and Andy Parry as they were passing through Wisconsin. Big thanks to Josh and Andy from tyrol for making all of this possible for us to do! As well as the amazing park crew of course, none of this would be possible without those guys!

What would the midwest be without a tow rope..

Shot and cut by Alex Havey Riders: Ben Monson, Matt Theobald, Zach Nutt, Sam Klein, Sam Anderson, Will Morton, Zach Haigh, and Alex Gould

The series continues with Volume 10.. Captured and cut by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, and Seth Leinbach.

Tyrol Tuesdays are back! The basin has been killing it with a whole new fleet of new rails and a crew that is ready to get buck on them!

The last Tyrol Tuesday of the season. Be on the lookout for more next season!

With all of the heat waves we have been getting, all of the resorts have been closing except for Tyrol, so we took advantage of that.

The crew gettin it at good ol' Tyrone's Basement.

A few ice laps in the midbest!

A few homies from hood crew came back home to the midbest and were able to get a couple shots at the basin.

Riders: Ben Monson Caleb Kitzerow Scotty Sundstrom Sam Klein Matt Theobald Calen Albert TJ Homan Sam Anderson

First skiing installment of the Tyrol Tuesday series featuring Conner Ross, Seth Leinbach, Paul Marik, Alex Havey, Andy O'Conell, Sam Kleppe, Jared Hochmuth, and Everett Lund.

First installment of the Tyrol Tuesdays mini series.

The Crew at Tyrol Basin throughout the 2013 Season